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Teenagers and Basketball

Have you ever seen a basketball match? Have you ever thought about practising that sport? If you haven’t, it’s time to go out to the park, play it and have lots of fun!

Personally, I couldn’t live without practising sport, especially basketball. I play it 3 hours a week and then at the weekend my team competes in the league. Before every training session I warm up and stretch, which is very important. The history of basketball is as interesting and curious as the sport itself. All this started because of a P.E. teacher that lived in the USA had to create a non-contact sport that could keep his students fit, so he invented basketball, which later became so popular that it started to be played in the Olympics.

Some people don’t like playing basketball because they think it is boring and hard. As I see it, the opposite is true. I think it is a sport that anyone can play: boys, girls, teenagers, children and even people in wheelchairs.

As far as I’m concerned, basketball is a fun and entertaining sport you can play with your family and friends. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to put your trainers on and have fun on the court!


Author: Clara Remesal, alumna de 2º ESO del Colegio Privado San Luis Gonzaga.
Trabajo realizado en clase de Inglés a propuesta de la profesora Esther Alvarado.

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