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Light in my darkness

Light in my darkness


Living in the city that never sleeps
Doesn’t let me escape from sadness
But after a long and deep search
I’ve found light in my darkness

I celebrate myself
Because blood runs through my veins
And my lungs are filled with air

I can capture moments
And have them forever
In case, one day,
My mind forgets them

not all angels are in Heaven
and the one I have here is the best ever
(Hope the one in the sky doesn’t get jealous)

I’m able to feel safe
when music flows through headphones
and when I feel it in a concert

I wouldn’t be able to have all of these
If it wasn’t because of Him, the Lord,
who whill love me and be by my side
always, no matter what

I celebrate myself
because although it is hard,
I, sometimes,
Can find beauty in my soul and mind.


Autora: Vega Mazón Carbón, alumna de 4º B de Educación Secundaria del Colegio Privado Engage.

Poema para su asignatura de Literature and Composition, a propuesta de su profesora Lydia.

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